February 21, 2018

Vintage Sports Photographs Gain Stronghold in the Marketplace

Vintage sports photographs have always been admired. But only recently have they carved out a significant market in the world of sports collectibles due to the rising demand for them. The public seems to be waking up to the fact that these pieces are a true time portal. They are an image that allows us to look back into time to see what the baseball world was originally made of and what the legends did that made them so special. Although nothing compares to actually being there, collectors are realizing that  vintage sports photographs are he closest thing to a time machine as one can … [Read more...]

MLB Pictures Offer Long, Storied History

There aren’t many sports that evoke as much emotion among their devoted fans as Major League Baseball. Rich in tradition and dream making, big league teams and players have been emulated by fans and around the world, since 1869—when the first professional baseball team was created, the Cincinnati Red Stockings. And for as many years as professional baseball has been played, there have been photographs taken to commemorate, and celebrate, the sport. MLB pictures offer a long, storied history of the game. From classic team and player portraits to action shots taken of today’s greatest … [Read more...]

MLB Posters: Tips on Buying a Great One

There is no shortage of action in Major League Baseball, which means there is an abundance of impressive MLB posters to buy. All baseball fans have their favorite teams and players, but how do you find the best? Wading through thousands of websites in search of the best deal may seem overwhelming, but not to worry. There are several trusted sources available for fans to find the best deal on MLB posters. For baseball memorabilia collectors, there’s nothing like owning several high-quality MLB player posters. From Tim Lincecum’s lightening-speed fastballs to Mark Teixeira digging the ball … [Read more...]